About Me

In my teens I was inspired by artists such as „The Beatles“, „Damien Rice“, „Nick Drake“ and „The Chili Peppers“. I always liked melancholic tunes with strong, catchy melodies and nice riffs. So I guess these features are also part of my music. Of course my voice is the main transmitter and everything else is a kind of ornament around it that emphasizes the message and feeling I want to express.

For a few years I was frontman/ songwriter of the German pop band: „DIA“. After one EP and our debut album : „Lass uns ein Stückchen gehen“(2017) we had to split up. 2019 I moved to Berlin. Under my pseudonym: „Vitaly Gray“, I was focusing on House/Pop productions and collaborations e.g. with Patrick Lite. Since 2022 I’VE been working on a new EP in the genre Pop/Singer-/Songwriter/ in German. I’m super excited and happy that an EP and a following album will be released in 2023 hopefully with the support of “Initiative Musik”.